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If you are a current or retired athlete that played professionally for a California team you may be eligible for benefits. If you did not play for a California team, but you signed a contract or orally agreed to a contract while physically present in California you may be eligible too.

Recovery can include compensation for the injuries you suffered during your career, ongoing physical limitations, and any future medical care needs. Typically, this is in the form of a one-time lump sum cash settlement. Betts Law Group is extensively experienced in negotiating these settlements and knows how to maximize your recovery.

There are two types of injuries for which you may be entitled to compensation: specific injuries and cumulative traumas. A specific injury is an injury that occurred due to a specific incident while you were playing in a practice or game. A cumulative trauma is an injury that onsets over time due to the daily wear and tear of playing pro sports. The effects of a cumulative trauma injury may not be apparent during your career and can manifest years later.

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If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, and suffered injuries during or as result of your pro sports career, you are potentially entitled to benefits including a potential cash settlement. Click "Send Now." Our attorney will review your information to determine your eligibility and contact you within 24 hours.

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